Booking System

All bookings can be carried out using this self-service feature. From searching availability to selecting the right option and securing the booking with payment, it streamlines the entire process. This makes it easy for members to purchase and easy for you to manage.

Meeting Rooms

Our software can facilitate an unlimited number of meeting rooms and booths as well as multiple bookings. It also allows official members or external parties to avail, book, amend, and pay through your site.

Hot Desks

Where you sit matters in the world of coworking. Anyone looking for a hot desk for the day can select the right space for them. They simply view the floor plan, pick their preferred seat, and pay online. The same goes for your dedicated desk members.

The Community Network

We believe in utilising your space and creating community, but this means more than offline efforts. By connecting members online in your coworking space's social network we support them in making the most of their experience.

Internal Messaging

It could be as simple as notifying reception or discussing a project with a potential partner and means members can connect with others in an instant.

Content Sharing

Allows people to share blogs, latest news, activities, or updates so they always know about others' upcoming events or interesting projects.


Individual profiles allow members to manage their entire workspace from one place so they work faster and better without relying on you.

Organize Events

Activities are an opportunity to network, inspire, motivate, and create a community culture. Let our software support this by making managing your events easy.

Offices and Floor Plans

No matter your floor plan, our software makes it easy for members to reserve anything from hot desks to meeting rooms. Whether they're a customer with a dedicated space or a passer-by needing a hot desk for a few hours, we make it simple to search availability and secure booking.

Platforms Built with
Innovation in Mind

While you make the most of your space, we can help you make the most of your platform. We believe in supporting new ideas to create additional revenue streams. You might decide to offer a catering element to your space or sell branded merchandise, whatever comes to mind, our platform can make it a reality.

Billing & Payments

Take the stress out of this process by having an automated system that does the heavy-duty admin work for you. Invoices for using the space, event ticketing, or other revenue streams can all be billed, paid for, and tracked through our product.


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